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Heilongjiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Manchu Embroidery Caught Visitors' Attention at CIFTIS

      At the 5th CIFTIS, Heilongjiang delegation organized 102 people of 59 trade in services enterprises from 6 cities (Harbin, Qiqihaer, Mudanjiang, Daqing, Jiamusi and Yichun) to attend activities including exhibitions, forum conferences and trade negotiations and so on.
      Independent exhibition areas were set up for 15 national-level pilots for trade in services innovative development in this CIFTIS. Heilongjiang Harbin delegation intensively showed its development outcomes in fields of international transportation, Sino-Russia financial cooperation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, culture and sports communication between China and foreign countries.
      It is reported that a matching conference was held by Heilongjiang Sirius Holding Group and China Merchants Capital (Beijing) Management Co., Ltd during the CIFTIS. Harbin Municipal Bureau of Commerce invited the board members of China Merchants Capital to go to Harbin for inspecting the key trade in services enterprises. Matching negotiations were conducted among Harbin key trade in services enterprises such as Longyun Group, Harbin Airport Logistics, Harbin-Europe Express and Harbin-Russia Express, Harbin Ice-Snow World Group. In addition, a strategic cooperation agreement for shared farms was signed between Heilongjiang Lvbo Bee Industry Co., Ltd and Zhongnongtianhong Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
      In Heilongjiang exhibition area, the inheritor of Kedong Manchu embroidery which is a national-level intangible cultural heritage project of Qiqihaer, Liu Yamei, perfectly presented hairs and skin textures of figures and animals using ingenious stitch and methods, which attracted many guests at home and abroad to watch the show. On the spot, a national music performance played by “T flute” which is a municipal-level intangible cultural heritage project was also made. It is reported that during the CIFTIS, the trading volume of Kedong Manchu embroidery on the spot was over 70,000 yuan and trade contracts valued over 300,000 yuan in total were signed; more than 200 sets of “T flute” were sold with over 10,000-yuan trading volume, the cooperation agreement was reached with three primary and middle schools.
      Meanwhile, Qiqihaer delegation also provided publicity material of 17 items in the provincial-level and municipal-level intangible cultural heritage list, including feather patchwork, shell carving picture, large jiggers, Hanika (a kind of paper puppet), large flannelette painting, Zheng-style wood carving, straw tying and carving, Daur embroidery and so on. The intangible cultural heritage was shown and publicized through display board and publicity film displayed via large screen.
     Four enterprises from Daqing City, Daqing Site Media Technology Co., Ltd, Daqing Direction Software Technology Co., Ltd, Daqing Software Park Development Co., Ltd and Daqing Huakai Petrochemical Design & Engineering Co., Ltd attended the CIFTIS. The enterprises communicated with several national-level industrial parks such as Chongqing Industrial Park, Hangzhou Dream Village Industrial Park, Beijing Daxing E-Business Center and so on. Four intent project agreements were reached. They also took part in more than 10 thematic forums about the development of cross-border E-business, E-business targeted poverty alleviation and so on.