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53 Beijing Enterprises Listed in Global Top 500 in 2018

Recently, American magazine – Fortune released the Global 500 List 2018. There are totally 120 Chinese companies in the list this year, 5 companies more than last year. Among them, there are 53 enterprises from Beijing, accounting for 10.6% of the Global 500 enterprises and 44.2% of the listed Chinese enterprises. It is notable that Beijing has become the city which has the most enterprises in the list worldwide for six consecutive years.

It is reported that there are 120 Chinese enterprises in the list, 5 enterprises more than last year. The number of listed enterprises is closer to that of America (126 enterprises) and much more than that of Japan (52 enterprises) in the third place. Since 1995 when both industrial enterprises and service enterprises were included in the Fortune Global 500 List, there is no other country of which the number of listed enterprises is increasing so fast.

Among the listed enterprises from Beijing, State Grid, Sinopec and PetroChina which are headquartered in Beijing are in the second place, the third place and the fourth place respectively without ranking changes. In addition, there are 24 enterprises of which rankings have moved up, accounting for more than 40% (45.3%) of the listed enterprises from Beijing. Among them, CHN Energy Group - a central enterprise in Beijing has achieved the biggest ranking improvement, moving up 175 places from No 276 to No 101., an Internet enterprise in Beijing, has moved up 80 places from No 261 in last year to No 181 now, being the highest-ranking Internet enterprise in China. Shougang Group which was listed in the Global 500 2016 (No 489) did not enter the list last year. This year it enters the list again with the ranking of No 431. With 69.591-billion-dollar operating revenue, BAIC Group ranks No 124 among the Global 500 enterprises, moving up 13 places compared with that of 2017. In addition, the operating revenue of Alibaba Group ranks No 300 and Tencent ranks No 331.

According to the ranking changes, among the top 10 companies with ranking improvement, 8 companies are from mainland China. Besides CHN Energy Group, the other 7 companies are Alibaba Group, Tencent, Shandong Energy Group, Xiamen ITG Group, Midea Group, Xiamen C&D Co., Ltd and Country Garden Group. This year, there are 13 Chinese companies entering the list for the first time. Insurance industry is the domain which has the most newly-listed companies, 3 companies in total. Qingdao Haier Group is the only newly-listed Chinese company in the electronics and electronic device domain.

Compared with last year, the total operating revenue of all Global 500 companies is nearly 30 trillion dollars this year, increasing by 8.3% over the same period; the total profit reaches record-breaking 1.88 trillion dollars, increasing by 23% over the same period; the return on sales is 6.3% and the ROE is 10.9%, both are higher than last year.

From the profit ranking, it can be seen that Apple Inc. still tops the list and the second place is British American Tobacco which reenters the Global 500 companies list this year. The four Chinese companies among the top 10 companies in the profit ranking are still the big four banks: Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China.