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“Robot Fighter” was Unveiled at Fengtai Exhibition Area of CIFTIS

At the 5th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS for short below), Fengtai District arranged a 120 square meters exhibition area themed at "entering the new era, come to Fengtai District for development" in a bid to demonstrate the construction and development outcomes of the district as a national e-commerce demonstration base and important supporting zone of innovation centers for science and technology by making use of such high-tech means as touch screen interaction experience, AR (Augmented reality), laser screen and splicing screen interaction.


On the exhibition scene at the China National Convention Center, the whole Fengtai Exhibition Area was designed as a space capsule and the well-textured streamlined lines together with the science and technology blue-dominated and white-supporting colors made the whole area brimmed with a sense of science and technology. At this session, the Fengtai Exhibition Area covered an area of nearly 120 square meters and was divided into three themed sections, including "Innovation Demonstration & Vibrant City", "Business Highland & Innovative City" and "High-end Leader & Technology City".


At the same time, Fengtai Exhibition Area also applied the most popular black technology at present - AR interactive technique. As a result, visitors can watch the micro-video about vigorous development of Fengtai District on their phones after scanning the images, thus enabling visitors to visually experience the surprising tremendous changes of Fengtai District in economic development.


The "Innovation Demonstration & Vibrant City" section demonstrated the bearing capacity construction, service capacity construction, guarantee capacity construction, demonstration capability construction, typical base representatives and whole e-commerce development course of Fengtai District. The "Business Highland & Innovative City" section presented the outcomes of Fengtai District in the business environment through 6 parts, including policy support, government affairs service, education and medical services, leisure and entertainment, comfortable residence and environmental construction. Here, Fengtai District set up a touch screen to allow visitors to learn the development situation of the e-commerce industry in Fengtai District in an all-round and multi-dimensional manner.


Besides, at the "High-end Leader & Technology City" section, Future Wise, Youedata, SMZDM, Hisign Technology, Airlook, Beijing National Digital Publishing Base, Guoxue Shidai, Tianjian Yuanda,, and other key e-commerce enterprises and science-and-technology enterprises in their Fengtai District made their presence. These enterprises showed their advantages and presented a highly interactive experience feast for visitors on the scene.


In addition to the perfect combination of scientific and technological innovation and Chinese ancient civilization, the robot from Guoxue Shidai also made exchanges with visitors on the scene. demonstrated the magic power of remote interrogation and also provided free interactive gene detection for visitors on the scene.