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20 Guizhou Cooperation Projects Reached at the CIFTIS


At the 5th China (Beijing) International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS for short below), Guizhou Province sent its delegation of 8 enterprises to go to Beijing to attend the Fair and attract investment and as a result, the initial intention was reached for 20 transactional and cooperative projects. At the Fair, holding the theme of "Open Guizhou & Data-leading Guizhou", Guizhou Province intensively publicized and promoted its main practices, experience, outcomes, characteristic highlights and development prospects in innovation and development of service trade relying on big data.


In Guizhou Pavilion, images and texts were utilized to demonstrate the situations of Guian Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Guian New Area High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, Guian New Area Huaxi University Town, Guian New Area Bio-pharmaceutical Industrial Park, the three major operator bases and Apple Data Center, etc. Guian New Area, as a national-level new area, attracted extensive attention from exhibitors owing to the development status and outcomes of its big data, high-end equipment manufacturing, new medicine & massive health, cultural tourism, etc. At the same time, advertising videos of Guizhou Province and Guian New Area were played repeatedly on the screen of the exhibition stand. Further, the Voiceprint Recognition Project of Guizhou d-Ear Technologies Co., Ltd. settled in Guian New Area was presented as the only biological characteristic project in the industry. So far, this technology has been applied in survival certification of social insurance, mobile finance, access control systems, etc.


Besides, the investment attraction team of Zunyi Software Park, Guizhou Province, paid an investigation visit to software exhibitors and reached the investment and cooperation intention with Shenzhen Finite Element Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Sanzen Energy Co., Ltd. and Beijing Internet ware Limited Corporation. Other relevant enterprises also expressed to make a field visit to Zunyi at a good time.


During the Fair, 8 enterprises including Guizhou Zhongke Credit Investigation (Guizhou) Co., Ltd., Guian New Area iSoftstone Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Zhongshan Dahepu Huahai Poverty-relief Tourism Cultural Co., Ltd. displayed their business modes, development advantages and cooperative projects in the fields of data service, financial service, cultural tourism, water quality detection, construction of platforms for trade in services, etc. and agreed on transactional and cooperative projects on the scene with enterprises from Guangzhou, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Hungary, etc.