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WU Hongyang

Integration, rather than confrontation, is the key to the evolvement from the old industry mode to the new industry mode. Network-based traditional industry mode, improved service level, streamlined approval procedure and win-win cooperation represent our future development direction. China has formulated a bunch of policies to propel and encourage the development of new industry modes. For instance, along with the arising of contradictions between inter-city carpooling and road passenger transportation, China introduced some guidance opinions to stimulate active integration of road passenger transportation into the Internet. The development course of new industry modes should be under the governance of the society with the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and users. The present sharing traveling is hoped to develop towards an intelligent, orderly and international direction. To achieve this goal, managers and practitioners should embrace the future with a more open mind. Given the traveling field is much concerned by all, more innovative talents and aspiring people are hoped to take actions and also all major Internet platforms to promote the sound development of the traveling field.