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China's "Belt and Road" Initiative tallies with the globalization needs and opens up new paths to boost joint development and prosper of countries and bring real benefits for people all over the world. It can be said that the "Belt and Road" Initiative represents a commitment to constructing a community with shared future for humanity and also a real action to practice the ideology of the community with shared future for humanity.  From a global perspective, the service industry and trade in services have a more prominent strategic position. The integration of the service industry and other industries is speeding up and the breadth and depth of trade in services and investment cooperation are expanding. In the digital age, the tradability of services is greatly improved, the trade in services, business form, business model and trading methods are seeing profound changes and innovation in trade in services is also accelerating. Opening up and cooperation are still the strategic choice for the world to develop a service economy. Further, the deep-seated impact of the international financial crisis still exists. The aggravated global trade frictions and rising dangers from globalization reversal and protectionism bring both challenges and opportunities for the development of trade in services along the "Belt and Road". Fortunately, there are more opportunities than challenges.