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In the past two years, the global economy has maintained a positive development trend, the same with major economies, especially China and Europe.  The EU saw its economic growth rate increased by about 2.2% in the whole Eurozone and all member states of the EU have seen the signs of economic recovery.  According to a recent report of the European Observatory on infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, intellectual property-intensive industries in the EU have overcome the influence of the financial crisis and contributed 26% employment rate and 39% GDP in the EU region.  However, the protection of intellectual property is still confronted with great pressure and multiple challenges. Thus, we need to raise more efficient and timely solutions.  The government needs to make more efforts and efforts in commerce and business have the equal importance. In particular, innovation and technology have evolved to be an important pillar for sustainable trade.  Hence, we believe that an extensive and global platform is needed to strengthen protection of intellectual property rights and create more solutions.