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Overseas Guests

Dominic Barton

The service industry is the growth engine for the future economy and the fourth industrial revolution will further boost growth. Special efforts should be made to better promote the development of trade in services in the fields of finance, health, education, financial technology, technology and tourism, etc.  In this process, we will be confronted by how to improve the skills of adults, for workers aging from 35 to 45 must improve their skills.  At present, the types of work keep changing and many enterprises no longer need a large number of workers, thus resulting in a "gig economy" in the market.  Thus, along with the tremendous changes of job category, we must establish a corresponding system to improve workers' skills.  It is predicted that up to 400 million workers will be replaced by 2030 due to the accelerated automation and technological development, and now 30% jobs may be replaced by automation.