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LI Guoliang

The service design can better enable service upgrade and bring stronger impetus for us. From our point of view, it is the supply end and the demand end that can achieve wisdom-leading service design and effectively promote better synergy between the both ends. To achieve such a goal, efforts should be made in the following: ① We need to break through the design circle. The service design is much more than design and user experience, but involves the collaboration between the frontground and the background. The business model needs to be restructured to truly promote development. ② To make the supply end and the demand end better matched, attention should be paid to related resources, whether the cost can create value for the society and whether the cost can be truly decreased and the efficiency truly improved while giving consideration to experience. ③ We also need to give a thought to making multi-industry breakthroughs. ④ We should take the breakthroughs in the frontground and background into account. The key to the prosperous new retail, and increasingly better and quick experience lies in the logistics system. All these are a part of the service design. Such a supporting system in the background brings better experience for us.