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Special Topics

WANG Guosheng

Since the 1980s, there are still enterprises making no extensive application of design. Thus, enterprises are divided into the following four types in terms of design. ① Enterprises give no consideration to design. For instance, monopolistic enterprises need no design, or they have advanced technologies; ② Enterprises apply design as the pattern; ③ Enterprises apply design as management and process and integrate design into enterprises; ④ Enterprises take design as their strategy, which is the most concerned part of service design. That is, the design culture and innovation culture should be integrated into enterprises, which should be the model for design in enterprises under different states. The service design is a service-dominated new economy represented by computer, AI and Internet and also the addressing process of new problems of imbalanced supply and demand in production and life in the new lifestyle. The consciousness of "serving the people" and service capability will become the core factors of future industry and social development.