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The 2nd Beijing International Health Tourism Expo will be Launched on September 7

The enormous demand for old-age care and the promotion of smart health old-age care plans have made China's already popular old-age care industry a veritable opportunity and gold mine. The 2nd Beijing International Health Tourism Expo will be held in No.11 Pavilion of National Agricultural Exhibition Center from September 7 to September 11. The exhibitors from more than ten countries and more than 20 provinces and cities in China will participate in the Expo, bringing high quality tourism health information and products to the audience.


2018 Smart Health & Retirement Conference was held in the 5th CIFTIS this year, which was also the first time to set up a health old-age care plate since the establishment of CIFTIS, aimed at building a platform for display and exchange of old-age care enterprises, and for the old-age care industry capital to "invest in China" and "invest abroad" in a wider range.


"Through the exhibition and forum of the Health & Retirement Conference, we strive to build a communication and exchange platform for the smart health old-age care industry, so that more and more elderly people can enjoy more sense of acquisition in the development of science and technology." the head of the Organizing Committee of 2018 Smart Health & Retirement Conference said that during CIFTIS of this time, the "International Elderly Friendly Smart Health Living Circle Project" was officially launched to guide more social capital to participate in the smart health old-age care industry.


It is reported that the 2nd Beijing International Health Tourism Expo has invited exhibitors from more than 20 provinces and cities (autonomous regions) to bring various health tourism routes and the exhibitors include tourism destinations, tourism management agencies, medical institutions, health tourism demonstration areas/demonstration bases, beauty agencies and other types with a large variety of industries. At the same time, the Organizing Committee has also invited nearly 200 high-quality buyers at home and abroad to negotiate for transactions on the site, including overseas buyers from 17 countries such as the US, Russia, Britain, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Singapore.


During the Expo, such events as the 2nd "China International Health Tourism Forum" (September 7) and the "Health Tourism - Fashion Life Salon" (the afternoon of September 7) and the "Health Tourism Training Meeting" to be held all day on September 8 will be launched as well.


This Expo will also launch the latest health tourism information, and visitors can also buy preferential health tourism routes on the site. These routes come from over ten countries or regions, and more than 20 provinces and cities (autonomous regions) in China. For example, in addition to the display of traditional Chinese medicine products in Yiling Healthy Center, it will also bring a rich variety of healthy meals and other products on display.


In addition, exhibitors from 15 countries such as Japan, Spain and France will present the latest health tourism routes to the audience in the forms of picture, video, etc.