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Beijing Design Week "Good Design" Kicked off on September 22 to help relieve Non-capital Functions

2018 Beijing Design Week co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality has been held from September 22 to October 7.  This session, upholding the concept of "design capital & smart city" and themed at "Salute to Life", held nearly 1,000 cultural and creative activities covering all major cultural and creative places in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in a bid to show and promote the innovative outcomes from the integrated development of cultural creativity and design services and related industries in a concentrated manner.


According to a principal from the Organizing Committee Office of Beijing Design Week, this session is themed as "Salute to Life", offered two new special awards, i.e. "Traditional Handcraft Design Award" and "Service Design Award" on the basis of typical design awards in previous years and encourage to combine traditional handicrafts enrolled as intangible cultural heritage with the modern lifestyle through creative design and facilitate more extensive application of the design thinking in social production and life services.


It should be noted that this session will focus on the strategic orientation of the capital and the function relieving, regulation and promotion tasks of Beijing in a bid to integrate advanced international design resources and serve innovative practices of urban renewal and construction.  The "Qinglong Culture Innovation Street" Program launched during the design week focused on the livable city concept of Denmark and green environmental protection technology and realize the organic renewal of urban blocks through design services. While maintaining a unique Hutong structure and original residence functions, new elements such as art, design, cultural creation and exhibition have been implanted to create an innovative cultural district integrating tradition, creativity and fashion.


In addition, the Design Week officially rolled out the architectural design and site selection of Sino-Danish Innovation Center. The Center continued to create green, circular and sustainable architectural design samples and provide relevant engineering demonstration cases for the renovation of old urban areas and the construction of urban sub-centers so as to achieve the strategic effects and value of promoting sustainable city development.


In order to guide the redistribution, transfer and utilization and upgrading of high-end innovative design industry resources in the central city Beijing Urban Sub-center, this session further pushed forward the park and industrialization work: First, the sub-center was seated in Zhangjiawan Town, Tongzhou District. Specifically, the relieved and vacated factory area was slated to build the design week theme park to radiate and drive Tongzhou District into a demonstration area of Beijing Design Capital with international influence. Second, the traditional home furnishing sales place Chengwaicheng has been built into the special part of the design week to propel the self-reform and upgrade of the traditional industry to a design center. At present, the design week was making efforts to gather space areas in old factory buildings in Beijing through each parallel session and in the future will continue to build a design industry function park and public service platform and create a new urban cultural space to integrate design into life and serve the public.