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Key Commercial Enterprises in Beijing Achieved a Sales Volume of over 5.9 Billion Yuan during China's National Day

During the 7-day holiday of China's National Day just past, the market for daily necessities in Beijing including grain, oil, vegetables, pork and other necessities had sufficient and stable supply of goods, the commodity consumption in Beijing's consumer market became a consumption hotspot and the service consumption also kept increasing. During the holiday, the 120 commercial service enterprises monitored by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce achieved a total sales of 5.92 billion Yuan, up 7.3% year on year and an increase of 0.8% over the same period of the previous year.

During China's National Day, the market for daily necessities in Beijing including grain, oil, vegetables, pork and other necessities had sufficient and stable supply of goods. The average daily market volume of vegetables in Xinfadi Wholesale Market was 17.075 million kilograms, up7.4% year on year; the trading volume of eggs, beef and mutton remained basically flat with that of the same period of last year; the grain and oil market kept basically stable.

In terms of shopping, by virtue of the advantages of a variety of brands and diverse service functions, Outlets became a popular destination for citizens' holiday consumption.  During the holiday, Outlets launched content-rich marketing campaigns to attract consumers. During the holiday, Capital Outlets, Badaling Outlets and other stores all saw their sales volume increase by over 15%. At the same time, traditional department stores also carried out a variety of price-break discounts and discount promotion activities. As a result, Wangfujing Department Store, Grand Pacific Mall, Gongmei Building, Changping Sunshine Building and other department stores achieved an increase by over 8% in their sales volume on a year-on-year basis. According to the big data of Amap, the visitor flow volume of 11 consumer places such as Chaoyang Joy City, Jinyuan Yansha Shopping Center and Livat Shopping Center increased by 10% year on year.

At the same time, the sales volume of home appliance retailers in Beijing achieved good performance. During the 7-day holiday, the sales volume of Gome and Dazhong both engaged in electric appliance went up by over 8% year on year. According to the big data of the electronic invoice service platform, a total of 712,000 electronic invoices were issued for purchase of home appliances in Beijing to the tune of 290 million yuan, up 63.4% and 56.7% respectively.

Convenience stores, community supermarkets and other convenience business outlets brought new impetus to festival consumption. During China's National Day, Freshhema saw its volume increase by 5 times year on year, while  7-11 and Shou Hang Supermarket saw their sales volume up over 9% on a year-on-year basis. In addition, Wumart launched the "National Day Red Envelopes Campaign" to give red envelops at designated time through Dmall APP. Carrefour launched the "7-day Purchase during the National Day" campaign and offered some products at 70% off.

In terms of mass catering, Hongbinlou Restaurant, Casserole Restaurant, Liuquanju Restaurant, Barbecue Restaurant and many other time-honored restaurants saw brisk businesses, with a table turnover rate of over 2 times during lunch and even more than 3 times at during dinner. In addition to dining at restaurants, many restaurants also expanded their consumer groups through third-party take-out platforms. During China's National Day, the turnover of catering enterprises such as Jindingxuan, Ziguangyuan, Gongdefu and Hongyuan South Gate Instant-boiled Meat grew by 10%.