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Wang Bingnan

We will make efforts to expand international exchanges and cooperation. China insists on opening up and is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the international community to share its experience in e-commerce development and jointly govern the international rules for e-commerce. Ministry of Commerce will actively propel the development of e-commerce along the Silk Road, establish an e-commerce cooperation mechanism between multilateral and bilateral governments, build a platform for capital and enterprise technology exchanges, encourage China's e-commerce enterprises to develop abroad and expand overseas development space, and also welcome foreign e-commerce enterprises to develop in China in an attempt to improve the global e-commerce development level together. 2018 China E-Commerce Convention is an international event sponsored by China's Ministry of Commerce for the first time and acts as an important platform for guests from all countries to discuss development of e-commerce in the new era. We hope that everyone will fully communicate and explore in depth to contribute much more wisdom and strength to the construction of a community with shared future for humanity in a bid to promote the development of e-commerce. "