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The State Council Made another Big Move of Perfecting and Accelarating Tax Reduction Policy

The measures for perfecting the export tax reduction policy and accelerating the progress of tax reduction were determined in the Executive Meeting of the State Council held a few days ago, so as to reduce the burden of enterprises and maintain stable growth of foreign trade; and the deployment to promote the shantytowns reconstruction so as to further improve the living conditions of the masses with housing difficulties were made as well. Perfect export tax reduction policy and accelerate tax reduction system.


It was pointed out in the meeting that the implementation of export tax reduction was in conformity to WTO rules, and that further perfecting the export tax reduction policy and accelerating the progress of tax reduction was conducive to deepening the supply-side structural reform, promoting the real economy to reduce costs, and also conducive to coping with the complex international situation and maintaining stable growth of foreign trade. It was decided in the meeting that the current export reduction rate of 15% and 13% for goods would be raised to 16%, 9% to 10%, some to 13%, 5% to 6%, and some to 10% starting with November 1, in accordance with the principle of structural adjustment and international practice.


The tax reduction rate of "high energy consumption, high pollution and resource" and of the products with the task of cutting excessive industrial capacity and other tasks would remain unchanged. To further simplify the tax system with the tax reduction rate to be reduced from seven levels to five levels. It was also determined in the meeting to simplify procedures and shorten the time for tax reduction for the export enterprises with good credit and tax records to implement paperless tax reduction declaration in an all-round way for the purpose of improving the efficiency of review, so as to achieve a totally online full-coverage electric refund to treasury as soon as possible; to resolutely fight against the cheating of export tax reductions; to shorten the average time of tax reduction from 13 working days to 10 working days before the end of this year.


Shantytowns reconstruction is a major livelihood project and development project. According to the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, in recent years, various regions and departments concerned have vigorously promoted the shantytowns reconstruction. More than 100 million residents have "moved out of shantytowns and moved in buildings". From January to September this year, 5.34 million suites of shantytowns reconstruction have started nationwide, accounting for 92% of this year's tasks. It has played an important role in improving the living conditions of the masses, mending shortcomings and expanding domestic demand.


The next step is to adhere to the people-centered concept of development, better reflect the residential nature of housing, urge all regions to accelerate the schedule of construction, strictly supervise the quality and safety of projects, ensure fair distribution, and ensure that the annual shantytowns reconstruction tasks are completed on time.


To strictly control the scope and standard of shantytowns reconstruction, and regard shantytowns in the old town with poor internal environment and the shantytowns in state-owned industrial and mining areas, forest areas and reclamation areas as the key points of reconstruction. Adjust and perfect the monetization and resettlement policy for shantytowns reconstruction. The preferential monetization and resettlement policy should be cancelled as soon as possible in cities and counties with insufficient stock of commercial housing and high pressure of rising house prices. All regions should strictly assess the financial affordability and scientifically determine the task of shantytowns reconstruction of next year.


Maintain the level of central government's financial subsidies, and increase the issue of special bonds of local governments for shantytowns reconstruction. Financial support policies should be studied and released for new projects. It is strictly prohibited to make use of the shantytowns reconstruction to unrealistically borrow and have other illegal and violating behaviors. The land for shantytowns reconstruction should be ensured for more masses with housing difficulties to live in new housing as soon as possible.