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The First China International Import Expo Ended and Beijing Trade Mission Posted Approximately 800 Purchase Agreements

The First China International Import Expo (CIIE) ended on November 10. According to the information of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Trade Mission has made fruitful achievements, and above 380 enterprises signed approximately 800 purchase agreements with international exhibitors.


During the CIIE, Beijing Trade Mission has organized 1 special-theme activity, 9 special-subject signing ceremonies, 58 supporting activities for sub-missions, carried out in depth exchange and negotiation and signed contracts in brand products, cutting-edge technologies, quality services and other fields in line with the development direction of the industries in Beijing, and basically achieved the expected goals. 4,741 enterprises with 14,354 people, signed up and registered for this expo, joined the communication with approximately 3,000 exhibitors from more than 130 countries around the world; wherein, above 380 purchasing enterprises signed about 800 purchasing agreements with international exhibitors.


According to official statistics, the First China International Import Expo has realized fruitful achievements.


--- Strong purchasing momentum in high-end manufacturing equipment and other electromechanical products
Beijing Schneider Electric signed an equipment supply agreement worth USD 200 million with its parent company. Beijing SANY Petroleum Functional Equipment Co., Ltd. signed equipment purchasing agreement worth above USD 22 million with Caterpillar Company. Beijing Hollysys Co., Ltd. concluded agreement with Dell Inc. for the purchase of computer-based electronic products worth USD 4.35 million. Zhongmu Holding and Lincoln (China) Motor Company entered into a USD 8.7 million car purchase agreement.


--- Unprecedented buying power in the field of people's livelihood
www. xinfadi. com. cn signed agreements with large suppliers from South Africa and Thailand, etc. in the purchase of high-end food and agricultural products totaled USD 2.5 billion. Beijing Zhuochen Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. has respectively signed beef product purchase agreements with high-end meat suppliers from Argentina, Uruguay, etc. totaled USD 130 million. 44 medical and health organizations (including Beijing Hospital) and 65 enterprises in production and operation of medical instruments signed agreements in the purchase of medical equipment and products with more than 20 advanced medical equipment manufacturers from the USA, Japan, Germany totaled USD 400 million.


--- Remarkable results in cross-border e-commerce purchase concluded 3-year letters of intent with Dell, Panasonic and Qualcomm in purchasing worth USD 13.7 billion. COFCO Haiyou signed purchase agreements with suppliers from Singapore and the USA, etc. totaled USD 24 million.


--- The Rising of new technology cooperation as a new force
Guoshu Technical Limited Company in Chaoyang District concluded a technical and product cooperation agreement worth USD 50 million with EyeClick from Israel, and acquired EyeClick's inclusive equipment manufacturing right in China. BAIC BJEV signed USD 3.758 million cooperation agreement in vehicle power battery with AVL List GmbH from Austria.