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12 projects have been knocked down on the first day of 2019 CIFTIS Promotion Meeting in Chengdu

On November 28, 2019 CIFTIS Promotion Meeting in Chengdu was held in Chengdu, and it was the first theme promotion activity initiated by CIFTIS in domestic cities and provinces. Ni Yuegang (the director of the CIFTIS Committee Office and the deputy director general of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce) and Yu Bin (deputy director general of Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce) attended this meeting and delivered a speech. At the meeting, principals of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of African Union, the Australian Melbourne International Convention and Exhibition Centre Service Co., Ltd., and the Austrian AST Company made speeches, and representatives of institutions and enterprises from industries of service trade, medical treatment, culture, and sports introduced their respective industry development trend and achievements on CIFTIS.

As the first national-level, international and comprehensive service trade transaction platform in the world, CIFTIS is also the only comprehensive import and export transaction platform covering the 12 major service trade fields defined by the World Trade Organization. Since the first CIFTIS held in 2012, the CIFTIS after development of five sessions has become an authoritative transaction platform of international service trade for idea communication, demand-supply connection, business opportunity sharing, and joint promotion of development.

Ni Yuegang said that 2019 CIFTIS would be held in the China National Convention Center from May 28 to June 1 next year. This CIFTIS will integrate the development trends of manufacturing industry servicing and service industry digitizing, highlight the "innovation-driven and opening up-led" development of service industry and service trade, be themed as "opening-up, innovation, intelligence and integration", emphasize the content of digitalized, new economy and new service business types, focus on the four major fields of sci-tech service, cultural service, health service and commercial service, and continue to the three principal activities of exhibition and display, forum and meeting, and negotiation and transaction. At the same, more efforts will be made to further improve the trade matching service, create the "5+365" never-closed CIFTIS platform, and improve the functionality and convenience of CIFTIS as an online platform; this CIFTIS will also aim to expand the professional media cooperation channels, enhance the communication channel functions of the official website, Weibo, WeChat official account, phone APP, etc. of the CIFTIS, and build a higher-level and higher-standard international platform for the exchange and cooperation of service trade.

As a bridge connecting service trade cooperation between China and overseas, the CIFTIS has attracted three major international economic organizations and 79 overseas national and regional groups to exhibit and near 200 international organizations and business associations to participate during the five sessions, greatly promoting international communication and cooperation. 2019 CIFTIS will make more efforts to expand domestic and overseas channels to attract investment and exhibition, and attract more domestic and overseas exhibition organizations and business associations to hold exhibition events, and more service trade leading and featured enterprises to participate in the events; the market mechanisms will be more widely used to expand professional customers, especially resources of professional buyers through multiple channels; a batch of influential forums and meetings for comprehensive service trade will be developed and improved, so as to make the meeting events more international, professional and of more leading force.

The CIFTIS has also received great support from all provinces and cities; wherein, all the 31 provinces and cities in Mainland China and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps have participated in the fair, 20 provinces and cities, including Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou, have organized 41 topic promotion events to develop exchange and cooperation in science and technology, exhibition, finance and other service fields. In the five sessions of CIFTIS, a total of 530 enterprises from Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou and Yunnan have participated to display and promote their characteristic service fields, such as local culture, tourism, and traditional Chinese medicine, and related development prospects; 41 projects have been knocked down through contract signing, with the total contract amount reaching USD 12.62 billion.

12 projects have been successfully knocked down on the first day of 2019 CIFTIS Promotion Meeting in Chengdu. These projects cover many fields, such as culture, health, sports and exhibition. Wherein, China Association of Trade in Service has signed the China Association of Trade in Service CIFTIS Exhibition Area Cooperation Agreement, respectively with China Future Education Group, Intangible Cultural Heritage Exchange Special Committee of China Chamber of International Business Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, and Sichuan Alliance Logistics International Co., Ltd. It is reported that China Association of Trade in Service is now applying to establish "National Service Brands Exhibition Area" on 2019 CIFTIS, and is planning to organize the project road show, investment project competition and other activities.