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Opening-up, Innovation, Intelligence and Integration – the 2019 CIFTIS will re-expand its scale and set sail again with more exhibition

The "Networking Event of Embassies and Business Institutions for the 2019 CIFTIS" was held in Beijing on the evening of January 23. The event aimed to further deepen exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries in trade in services and share development opportunities. The relevant leaders from the Ministry of Commerce, Beijing’s municipal leaders, representatives of embassies in China, international organizations and overseas business institutions, and hundreds of participants were present at the event.

It is known that the 2019 CIFTIS will be held from May 28 to June 1, 2019 in Beijing. This session will center on the theme of "Opening-up, Innovation, Intelligence and Integration", arrange the venue in an innovative manner and give an exhibition covering 100,000 square meters, twice as large as before. Then, this session will expect a greatly improved level and hold over 170 forums and business talks, an increase of over 50 events compared with the 5th session.

Wang Hong, Deputy Mayor of the People’s Government of Beijing, said in her speech that this session marks a large international exchange event of trade in services on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. As the host venue for the 2019 CIFTIS,Beijing will inject fresh vigor and vitality for CIFTIS with its opening-up and development. Wang Hong invited government dignitaries both at home and aboard, representatives of relevant international organizations, representatives of government agencies, and domestic and foreign merchants to participate in negotiation in a bid to step up the sound development of trade in services.

Fan Shijie, Deputy Director of the Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services of the Ministry of Commerce, said that CIFTIS will further boost the opening up of Beijing. China will unswervingly pursue an opening up strategy of mutual benefit and win-win results and propel high-level trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. CIFTIS will implement China's strategy to further open up, demonstrate and promote China's experience in opening up including the experience in free trade zones and Beijing's experience in expanding and opening up its comprehensive pilots of trade in services and further popularize the standards of trade in services, rulemaking and system construction in an effort to make China's service industry open up wider. CIFTIS will further lead innovation. Innovation is the primary productive force. The existing bottlenecks can be shaken off and leapfrog development achieved only by daring to innovate and make reforms. CIFTIS will implement the innovation-driven development strategy, share experience in innovative development pilots of trade in services, promote new technologies, new formats, new models and new contents in the service sector, give full play to the leading role of innovation and expedite the development of China's trade in services. CIFTIS will further deepen cooperation. History and practice have fully proved that trade protectionism and unilateralism do not work and that cooperation and on the contrast, development represents an irreversible trend. CIFTIS will deepen exchanges and cooperation among countries along the "Belt and Road" in the fields of technology, culture and finance, promote inter-governmental exchanges and dialogues, focus on serving merchants, promote extensive negotiations and transaction and also facilitate practical cooperation among participating enterprises.

Yan Ligang, Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced the specific preparations for this session.
Efforts will be made to promote the "Opening-up, Innovation, Intelligence and Integration" development of global trade in services and international cooperation along the "Belt and Road". This session will hold exhibitions, forums, conferences and business talks and invite international organizations, countries along the "Belt and Road", and invite government sectors and relevant institutions from the countries with developed trade in services industry to form delegations joining in CIFTIS. On the morning of May 28, the Organizing Committee will hold the Global Trade in Services Summit with the OECD to discuss the frontier issues and new development trends of global trade in services in an attempt to help build a community of common destiny for mankind.

The quality of exhibitions will be improved and the scale of the exhibition area will be expanded. In this session, the China National Convention Center will still serve as the main venue and at the same time over 20 thematic exhibitions, conferences and business talks will be held at the Celebration Square of Olympic Sports Center Area, City Sub-center in Tongzhou, New China International Exhibition Center, Wangfujing Commercial Street, Xicheng Financial Street, Shougang Beijing Park, Huitian District, etc. to demonstrate the latest technologies and achievements of the service industry and trade in services, discuss and release the latest policies and trends of the industry and also strive to contribute to more international cooperation outcomes. This session will also integrate exhibition resources of Beijing such as "Beijing International Finance Expo" and "Beijing International Tourism Expo" and the advantageous resources of the Ministry of Commerce to boost the bearing capacity and the influence of CIFTIS.

A high-end international forum and branding industry conference will be created. This session is expected to gather over 40 international forums and industrial conferences. Further, the UNCTAD, the WTPF and other foreign trade associations will be invited to hold the Belt and Road Forum for Trade in Services Cooperation, Beijing International Forum on Creative Economy and other international forums; China Association of Trade in Services, Chinese Health Association and other state-level business associations will host China International Conference for the Investment and Trade of Cultural Industries, China Smart Health Development Conference and other industry conference; over 20 pieces of authoritative information including the latest industry policies, industry standards, development indexes and development reports will be released and a high-end international forum and branding industry conference built in the field of trade in services to play a role of barometer in the industry.

Business talks and pragmatic cooperation will be propelled. This session is expected to gather over 130 business talks, including theme days and special events of 20 countries and regions and 10 provinces and cities. 30,000 representatives of foreign and domestic enterprises of trade in services and professional institutions will be invited. The application outcomes of the latest technologies in 100 service industry sectors will be called for collection and released, 100 excellent innovative service demonstration cases organized and selected and a large number of professional audience and professional buyers organized to be present in a bid to promote the pragmatic cooperation of foreign and domestic enterprises.