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Beijing: Service consumption contributed over 80% in the growth of total consumption

Since the reform and opening-up, Beijing's demand pattern has experienced the changes from consumption-investment alternate dominance to investment-consumption dual-wheel driving, and further to consumption dominance. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that Beijing has realized a total consumption of RMB2.54 trillion  in 2018, with a growth rate of 7.4%, and the service consumption contributed 82.6% in the growth of total consumption, acting as a main engine driving consumption growth. The economic pattern of consumption-investment development in harmony has been further stabilized citywide, and consumption maintains its role of the first impetus in economic growth. Foreign trade also sees a strong momentum in its growth, the export citywide hit a new high last year, and import and export growth was significantly higher than the national average.

It's reported that Beijing will exert the leading role of a new round of comprehensive pilots for service industry opening-up, and take multiple measures to realize stable prospect, optimal pattern and strong service for foreign investments, thus to boost high-quality economic development in Beijing.