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SASAC: supports integrated development among state-owned, private-owned and foreign-owned enterprises

"Closer cooperation is an irresistible trend in the face of the economic globalization tide and the complicated and ever-changing economic situation at home and abroad. Both state-owned and private-owned enterprises are supposed to realize better cooperation in competition, and win more competitive superiorities via cooperation", said by Xiao Yaqing the Director of SASAC of the State Council in 2019 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum. He emphasized that, SASAC sincerely expected enterprises of all ownerships (e.g. private/foreign ownership) to play an active role in the reform and development course of central enterprises. Meanwhile, SASAC also encouraged central enterprises to set foot in the development of the private-owned and foreign-owned enterprise by virtue of equity/project cooperation, thus to form an integrated development pattern of mutual learning and interpenetration.

Xiao Yaqing also highlighted the significance of enterprises and regional development being good at enhancing cooperation in competition and achieving win-win in cooperation. Only sticking to the open cooperation and win-win can lead to a stable and far-reaching result. We should adhere to the principles of opening-up, cooperation and win-win, instead of seclusion, confrontation and monopolization.

High-quality development of Chinese economy will surely bring more new cooperation opportunities to enterprises worldwide. As the world's largest open cooperation platform for service trade, 2019 CIFTIS will be held in the China National Convention Center from May 28 to June 1. Themed by "Opening-up, Innovation, Intelligence and Integration", this session of CIFTIS will highlight digitalization, new economy and new service industry, focus on key service sectors of sci-tech, culture, health and commerce, and will continue to hold exhibitions & presentations, forums & conferences, and business negotiations.