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The 2019 CIFTIS launches the service demonstration case selection

From May 28 to June 1, Beijing will witness the grand holding of the 2019 CIFTIS, the world's largest open cooperation platform for trade in services themed by "opening-up, innovation, intelligence and integration". In order to establish a new industry benchmark, enhance the international influence of Chinese service brands, and lead the innovation and development in service industry, the Organizing Committee of CIFTIS officially released the Notice on the 2019 CIFTIS Service Demonstration Case Selection to select five categories of service demonstration cases. All excellent cases are eligible for a declaration before April 30, 2019.

Co-hosted by Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, CIFTIS has been successfully held for 5 years and has become a leading exhibition in China's trade in services and world's largest comprehensive fair for trade in services, playing an important role in promoting opening-up and development of China's service industry and trade in services along with international exchange and cooperation.

Since the 4th CIFTIS, the organizing committee began to organize a service demonstration case selection, which has chosen a total of more than 100 service demonstration cases to display, share and promote their information and experience at CIFTIS. The 2019 CIFTIS will continue with this activity and will expand the scope and scale of selection to choose a number of representative cases with high standard and quality, which will lead the new development of China's trade in services.

Service demonstration case selection for the 2019 CIFTIS has altogether 5 categories of awards. Among them, the "technology innovation service demonstration cases" aim to gather independently developed and innovative applications of new knowledge and technology in various services alongside cases with prospective and innovatory contributions to facilitating industrial upgrading and development.

The "mode innovation service demonstration case" aims to collect mode innovation service demonstration cases, including new modes developed from corporate value chain that is separated; or those developed from industrial integration and development, new operation and profit models to better meet the increasing needs of modern consumers.

The "service demonstration case with the most internationalized strategy" aims to collect service cases for achieving business growth through international development, specifically referring to making international development as an important strategy and profit source, and building up international reputation through overseas investment, merger and acquisition, deployment or sales of service products, having specific overseas deployment and service products that have owned reputations and market shares worldwide.

The "service demonstration case with the most development potentials" aims to gather service cases with development potential, specifically, the service products made in the past five years, products that were or are about to be launched in the market, and those that are expected to have or already have achieved good economic and social benefits. This case is only for medium-sized and small enterprises.

The "trans-boundary service demonstration cases" aim to collect enterprises, parks and innovation pilot areas that have innovatively practiced new ways and ideas of China's service development at home and abroad.

Enterprises may determine the cases to apply according to their own situations, download application form, and submit relevant application materials to the selection office before the deadline (please find the attachment for details of the application materials and specific requirements). Relevant industry associations and local chambers of commerce can organize and recommend case application.

The selection office will carry out a preliminary selection of cases, and then the cases chosen from the preliminary selection are reviewed by the expert evaluation committee of trade in services and the final selected service demonstration cases are to be chosen by anonymous grading.

This selection adheres to the principle of "fairness, justice and openness" and does not charge any fees. The enterprises and their responsible persons of the selected service demonstration cases can obtain conveniences such as displaying, invited to global summit of trade in services of the 2019 CIFTIS along with advocacy and promotion.