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Contracting Highlights

The 5th "CIFTIS" set up legal service sector for the first time

WTO divides "trade in services" into 12 categories, among which "legal service" has an important position in professional services. This year's China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) has come to its 5th year, but special activities of "legal service" are set up for the first time, making "legal service" exhibition a highlight of this CIFTIS.

In this CIFTIS, 24 representative legal service institutions have settled here, including the People's Court Press, Changan Notary Office, Benchmark Chambers International, Law Press China, Faxin Notarization Cloud, Thunisoft, Shanghai Bestone Information and Technology, Dingsong Business Dispute Resolution Platform, representing 4 major fields in legal service, i.e. the "Belt and Road", legal technology, intellectual property rights, and dispute resolution.

The first forum of legal service activities was the forum of "Chinese and Foreign Companies' Perspectives under the General Trend of Compliance". Legal professionals at home and abroad presented their points of view.

Tao Xiuming, founding partner of JunZeJun Law Offices and director of the Management Committee, introduced the latest development of current financial compliance policy and its impact on the market; Li Jun, senior director and deputy general legal counselor of VMware, used his personal work experience to introduce the basic information of US regulatory agencies, emphasizing the importance of establishing corporate "credibility" and compliance culture; Xiao Jingyi, executive director of Benchmark Chambers International, introduced the Export Compliance Guidelines for Chinese Enterprises, co-completed by both of them, and the related research reports. Meanwhile, senior executives from Microsoft, Alibaba, China Railway, China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group) Co., Ltd., JZ Securities, SINOPEC, Aluminum Corporation of China Limited and China Grand Enterprises participated in the forum discussion.

During the 5th CIFTIS, 9 legal service activities were held altogether. In the summit themed "Legal Service in Innovation and Development of New Era", participants exchanged views on topics such as the "Belt and Road", legal technology, intellectual property rights, and conciliation in arbitration. In addition, "China International Legal Service Summit" and legal activities in the themes of legal risks in overseas investment, legal applications in blockchain, third-party funding, copyright protection notarization, and new asset management regulations, etc. were carried out.