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Contracting Highlights

CIFTIS auction contributed to targeted poverty alleviation

As one of the important events of the 5th China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), the "Auction for Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Intellectual Property Rights" concluded in Beijing on May 31. With competition online and offline, the auction achieved a total of RMB354 million. Among them, the targeted poverty alleviation auctions were 100% concluded, totaling more than RMB310 million.

As an important type of service transaction, the "auction" was held for the second year after its inception in the 4th CIFTIS in 2017. Hosted by the Municipal Commission of Commerce, the auction had altogether 113 items which included 38 for targeted poverty alleviation, 40 of intellectual property rights and 35 artworks. It was reported that the items of targeted poverty alleviation included Xinjiang Hotan jujube, thin-shell walnut, Inner Mongolia Chifeng mung bean, millet, Anhui Huoqiu kiwifruit and other bulk agricultural products futures and stocks.

After the intense competition online and offline in the three major sectors, the total turnover of this "Auction for Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Intellectual Property Rights" reached RMB354 million. Among them, the first item in targeted poverty alleviation sector was 10,000 tons of mung bean futures from Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, with a starting price of RMB68 million, which were sold at RMB76 million. The high-quality thin-shell walnuts from Xinjiang Hotan started at a price of RMB4 million for 200-ton futures, and concluded at RMB6.2 million. The 6,250-ton Luodian red pitaya from southern Guizhou was finally sold at a high price of RMB100 million after several rounds of bidding.

It was learned that the auction items of Xinjiang Hotan came from 9 local poverty-stricken villages, and will increase the average income of 8,287 people by about RMB1,000. The products in the auction were brought into Beijing consumer market after standard processing by two qualified and standardized enterprises in Hotan.

Yan Ligang, director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that bringing bulk agricultural products from a number of poverty-stricken areas into the auction this year was an experiment and exploration. It was believed that with the help of the national service platform CIFTIS, poverty-stricken people's agricultural products can be promoted and displayed while expanding their sales in Beijing market through the new transaction mode of auction, contributing to targeted poverty alleviation in these areas.

At the section of "intellectual property rights", 40 sets of radio play copyrights of Beijing Longjie Wangda Culture Media Co., Ltd. were in the auction, including the copyright packages of In the Name of People, Beiping Love Story, Fragrance of Sophora Flower, Man as Strong as the Great Wall and many others which were well received in the market.

In addition, in order to promote the inheritance and development of excellent traditional Chinese culture, this auction also selected a number of Chinese arts and crafts masters' works, including Zhu Bingren's melting copper ornaments named Pine Needle of Longevity and Five Cattle of Fortune along with Qian Meihua's cloisonne work of Fortune and Longevity.