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A glance at CIFTIS: intelligent home furnishing and logistics unmanned warehouses showcase at the e-commerce exhibition area

After opening the intelligent door lock and entering your house, the intelligent acoustics make a "Welcome Back" sound, the intelligent lighting subsequently turns on and the intelligent air conditioning automatically starts at the set temperature……At the e-commerce theme exhibition area of 2019 CIFTIS on May 28, a full "smart life" family scenario was simulated at the booth of less than 10 square meters .

These intelligent home furnishing products come from Gome Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. According to General Manager Xu Yansong, "The exhibits displayed at the booth during 2019 CIFTIS are all listed products, including door locks, lighting, as well as "big devices" such as intelligent voice televisions that can display weather information and select films via voice control ", "All the devices can be connected to the cloud platform and be remotely controlled through the mobile App. For example, if you want to make health tea with the intelligent health pot, you can reserve the heating time and enjoy the tea after returning home".

At the CIFTIS exhibition area, we can see many AI-enabled "black technology" products. At the adjacent JD exhibition area, the "whole in- and ex-warehouse process of small and medium-sized packages in the unmanned warehouse" was presented on site, attracting many exhibitors to "watch". The reporter noticed that, in the ex-warehouse link, after the system automatically issues the task, the machine will carry the paller rack to the ex-warehouse position. Upon receiving the order, the robotic arm will automatically pick the goods in the paller rack via visual recognition technology, without manual operation during the whole process.

According to the reporter, interactivity is also one of the main highlights. At the exhibition area themed on e-commerce poverty alleviation, the visitor can not only see featured products from poverty-stricken areas such as Ziyang tea and Dangshan pear syrup, but can "buy goods online" through scanning the e-commerce platform's QR code. In addition, an "electronic map for life services in Beijing" was set in the exhibition area. The visitor can obtain the location information of various convenience business outlets through touching the screen, including vegetable retail, convenience stores and housekeeping services across the city.

Chief Designer Gu Le of the e-commerce theme exhibition area told us that, after preparation of three months, this exhibition area themed with "data-driven, openness and integration" has invited a series of e-commerce service enterprises and brought products covering multiple sections of Silk Road e-commerce, e-commerce poverty alleviation and intelligent home furnishing. The area design highlights the digital concept and advocates "digitalization changes life".