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Shunyi parallel session of CIFTIS launches e-sports theme exhibition area, the game will be synchronously live broadcast across the network

In the morning, the reporter learned from Shunyi District that the 2019 CIFTIS from today to June 1 will set its largest parallel session with the exhibition areas of 40,000 square meters in Shunyi District. Six theme exhibitions of the opening up in service industry, aviation services, financial services, exhibition services, intelligent manufacturing and e-sports of Shunyi District will be held.

It's reported that, the Shunyi parallel session of CIFTIS will focus on showcasing such contents as Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, Capital Industry Finance Center and Innovation Platform of International Technology Service Industry; Under the themes of intelligent manufacturing, aviation services and exhibition services, a series of international industry forums including the International Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Summit, "Air Silk Road" International Forum and China International Convention and Exhibition Industry Development Conference & Capital Exhibition Economic Summit Forum will be held; The China-Thailand International E-sports Competition is expected to be launched at the opening ceremony of the Electronic Sport China Cup for the e-sports theme.

At the intelligent manufacturing theme exhibition area of 10,000 square meters, we can see high-end products brought by domestic and foreign exhibitors such as Alliance of Industrial Internet, Huawei, Tencent, Yonyou Energy, China Datang, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group and CHN Energy, and learn about the latest achievements and concepts in intelligent manufacturing at home and abroad. The aviation services theme exhibition area of 3,600 square meters will present us the development trajectory of China's airport services since the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. Besides, we can also learn about the services of fifteen well-known aviation enterprises, including Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, TravelSky, etc. The financial services exhibition area themed with "Capital Industry Finance Center, Clustering Area of Emerging Finance in Beijing, Pioneer Area of Capital Offshore Financial Development" will display the development achievements of emerging finance and characteristic finance. At the section of financial services, the 2019 Beijing Industry - Finance Cooperation and Innovation Development Forum will be held.

The largest highlight of the Shunyi parallel session will be the e-sports theme exhibition area. During the 2019 CIFTIS, the China (Beijing) E-sports Ecology Exhibition, the ESCC, and the China Digital Entertainment Carnival will be concurrently organized to gather new e-sports technologies and products and highlight the trading and interactive experience. The 2019 "Belt and Road" China-Thailand International E-sports Exchange Competition, the first DDP National Curtilage Dance as well as the events covering cutting-edge fields such as intelligent technology, 5G and laser positioning will be concurrently launched to bring a feast of competitive entertainment for visitors. The game will be synchronously live broadcast across the network. The online viewers via the Internet is estimated to exceed 10million person-times. All these contribute to making the Shunyi parallel session the most-welcomed exhibition area with the most highlights.

The theme exhibition area of opening up in service industry in the Shunyi District, guided by the construction of the Demonstration Zone for Overall Pilot Plan for Opening up in Service Industry, mainly displays the development achievements of Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, Airport Economic Demonstration Zone as well as the technology innovation, exhibition, cultural tourism and sports industries. Among them, a total of six sessions, including the Policy Release of Opening Up in Service Industry in the Shunyi District, Shunyi District Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum, Policy Promotion Conference of Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone, and China International Convention and Exhibition Industry Development Conference & Capital Exhibition Economic Summit Forum and 2019 "Air Silk Road" International Forum will also be organized.