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The fruitful achievements of the 2019 China International Fair for Trade in Services

First, it established the Expectation Committee for the Global Trade in Services. On May 27th, the Organizing Committee of the 2019 CIFTIS held the Preparatory Committee Round-table Conference of the Expectation Committee for the Global Trade in Services. The Head of the Organizing Committee and persons in charge and representatives of relevant international organizations, the Heads of domestic and foreign business associations, experts and scholars in the field of service trade, and well-known entrepreneurs jointly launched the unofficial and open Global Trade in Services Expectation Committee. The aim is to provide intellectual support for building the CIFTIS into a trade in services fair with global influence, and to promote the international service trade to attain higher quality development.

Second, it initiated a batch of alliances, funds and platforms to promote the development of the service industry and trade in services. The executive authorities of the 2019 CIFTIS and relevant units jointly issued an initiative to form the Beijing International Trade in Services Alliance, which would broadly attract Chinese and foreign business associations, professional organizations and well-known enterprises to join, promote the establishment of new channels and new platforms for industry communication, and build up a new mechanism for resource sharing. The mechanism strives to complete the arrangement before the end of the year. Besides, relevant industry themes have also established 12 industry development alliances, funds and platforms, such as China 5G Application Innovation Alliance, China Music Industry Investment Development Alliance, World Top 500 and Multinational Corporation Think Tank Alliance, Beijing's first International Fashion Alliance, China's Comprehensive Health Industry Fund of Funds, Guanghua Medical and Health Equipment Innovation Design Collaborative Platform, promoting the development of a long-term mechanism for service industry and trade in services.

Third, it released a number of authoritative reports, indices and lists. Over the period of the CIFTIS, nearly 30 industries development reports, development indexes, rankings including the 2018 China E-Commerce Report, the Report on World Tourism City Development 2018, the 2019 Blue Book of China International Cultural Trade, Beijing Headquarters Economic Development Index, and the 2019 List of Overseas Intellectual Property Service Agencies were released.

Fourth, it launched a number of bestsellers, technologies and results. Relevant institutions and enterprises have released 10 new technologies, new modes and new achievements, including Huawei's first folding screen mobile phone and a variety of independent research and development 5G chips, the world's first digital exposure technology of the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Unicom's 5G ecological application proposal and pattern, China Telecom's 5G+VR applying to see the 2019 World Horticulture Expo, and other technical applications, Siyuan's "secret postal" system based on BlockChain technology.

Fifth, it promotes a number of intended cooperation projects signings. The Organizing Committee released the demands for transaction projects before the 2019 CIFTIS and organized the professional buyers to consult and cooperate to promote the signings during the Fair. The total number of intention-to-sign contracted projects in the 2019 CIFTIS was 440, and the intended contracted amount was US$105.06 billion. Among them, there were 306 domestic projects with an amount of US$75.512 billion, accounting for 69.6% and 83.3% respectively; 134 overseas projects with an amount of US$17.55 billion, accounting for 30.4% and 16.7% respectively.