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The CIFTIS to be boosted as an everlasting platform with no ending

To establish the CIFTIS brand and promote international trade in services cooperation, the Organizing Committee will take four measures to boost the CIFTIS that will never end. First, it is to push forward the establishment of the Beijing International Trade in Services Alliance as soon as possible and invite Chinese and foreign business associations, professional institutions and enterprises in the service industry to join actively. The second is to improve the Online CIFTIS platform further, enrich online display, information disclosure, project release, interactive communication and other service functions, to achieve long-term frequent match making. The third is to hold the Conference of the Expectation Committee for Trade in Services this fall to discuss the development trend of international trade in services and investigate the overall design and scheme of the next CIFTIS. The fourth is to manage the organizers of the CIFTIS, the sponsors of the alliance and related members to enter the provinces, regions and cities, and five continents to carry out extensive publicity and promotion, negotiation and docking, and communication and cooperation.