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Beijing traditional quadrangle dwellings "enter into" the CIFTIS, a Sino-French cooperation pilot for renovation of old residential communities

In the 2019 CIFTIS, the model of "Yard 429 Zhaodengyu Road", a typical renovation case of Beijing Baitasi Remade Project, made its debut at the exhibition site and was well welcomed by visitors. In order to promote the Beijing traditional quadrangle dwellings in the CIFTIS, the project implementation entity Beijing Huarong Jinying Investment Development Co., Ltd. specially spent one week to make a model.

Baitasi area is one of the 25 conservation districts of historic sites in the old Beijing. White Pagoda of Miaoying Temple built in the Yuan Dynasty and Beijing Luxun Museum built on the basis of the former residence of Lu Xun, the master of modern Chinese literature, are located here.

However, the picture of crowded population, messy illegal buildings and dilapidated old houses appears on the other side of Baitasi. Such problems as lack of systematic organization in traffic, including mixed motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle traffic flow, illegal parking in Hutong, serious municipal pipeline ageing, undersized infrastructure pipelines are common here. Beforetime, Yard 429 Zhaodengyu Road is like a mirror of residents living in the Baitasi area.


In 2015, the "Baitasi Remade Project" was proposed. Drawing on the experience of improving old residential communities in France, combining the planning of the residents and government departments, Yard 429 Zhaodengyu Road was renovated, with the focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, thus adjusting the functions and beautifying the streets.