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Wei Pengju

China has a population of 1.4 billion, with the biggest tourist market, but there appears a scissors difference. The number of Chinese people traveling abroad is getting bigger than the number of foreign tourists travelling to China. The amount of money we spend to travelling abroad is far greater than the amount of money that foreigners travelling to China.According to the report of the World Tourism Organization, the total amount of international tourists actually paid in mainland China is not as good as that by international tourists in Macau, China, that is to say the tourism consumption of international tourists in entire mainland is not as good as Macau. We still have a long way to go to attract international tourists to spend in mainland China, which means that our market potential is great. On the one hand, we make our culture go out, on the other hand, we attract others to experience our culture, making them have a deeper understanding, recognition and even good feelings about Chinese culture, and this is a better way for our culture going out. Therefore, vigorously developing tourism in the international sense is an especially valuable way for culture to go out.

[On the afternoon of May 28, 2019, Innovation and Development Forum on International Cultural Trade (201ABCD, F2, Beijing International Convention Center)]