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Contracting Highlights

The signing scale at Chaoyang venue exceeds 60 billion yuan

On the 2019 CIFTIS, more than 20 projects were signed at Beijing Chaoyang venue, with a contract value of over 60 billion yuan. National Bank of Pakistan, (Korea) Fantawild World Energy, and, etc. have signed 21 projects involving finance, environmental protection, and agricultural products trade in services. Among them, many subsidiaries of COFCO have reached cooperation with China Merchants Logistics Group and Annto in financial services, logistics services, technical services and service outsourcing, with a contract value of more than 11 billion yuan.


At Chaoyang District "Belt and Road" Trade in Service High-quality Cooperation Promotion Conference, institutions and enterprises from over 10 countries including Germany, Czech Republic and Israel participated in the promotion, an array of cooperation projects in countries and regions along the "Belt and Road", like the "Belt and Road" green finance, China production plant establishment and sales cooperation and POWER7 China production plant establishment and sales cooperation, that have been implemented and reached the cooperation intention have been signed involving the fields of international engineering, technology, environment and finance, with the contract amount up to 2 billion dollars.