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Guest of Honor Country Thailand: The Belt and Road Focuses on Thailand's industrial strengths

Located in the heart of ASEAN, Thailand, the guest of honor country of the 2019 CIFTIS, is one of the largest Chinese settlements in the world and a gateway to 600 million consumers in Southeast Asia. In recent years, with the encouragement of Thailand's extremely advantageous investment policy and under the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative, the industrial cooperation between Thailand and China has been increasingly close, showing a trend of cooperation in various fields.

Since 2014, the Thai Chamber of Commerce in China has organized different Thai industries to attend the CIFTIS for 5 consecutive years. With the support of the Royal Thai Embassy, Beijing, it has organized a Thai Theme Conference and built a Thailand Pavilion to provide a platform for exhibition, negotiation and coordination of Thai industries. After the conference, it has actively followed up and accelerated the industrial cooperation between Thailand and China.

With the support of the Royal Thai Embassy, Beijing, the Thai Chamber of Commerce has sent an invitation to Charoen Pokphand, BDMS, DOUBLE A 304 Industrial Park, Mega Paya Hotel, BNH Hospital and Thai Chamber of Commerce member companies to form a Thai Enterprise Group to attend the 2019 CIFTIS.

At this CIFTIS, the Thailand Pavilion will follow the style used in 2016, integrate traditional elements and modern design, and take the distinct Buddhist architecture as the main theme to display Thailand's perfect industrial service system, flexible platform for trade in services. And it will also focus on introducing Charoen Pokphand service system, high-end medical service, perfect industrial park service system, and service system of tourist hotel and other industries.

During the CIFIS, the Thai Pavilion arranged performances of traditional Thai cultural elements every day, and organized Thai exhibitors to hold activities and conferences in different forms and different themes, fully demonstrating Thailand's unique and unparalleled charm in the field of trade in services.