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Yan Ligang

In recent years, efforts have been made to focus on the open economy, cross-border trade, business environment, etc., and remarkable achievements have been made. In optimizing the business environment of the open economy, a new round of overall pilot plan of Beijing Municipality for opening up in service industry has been launched in an all-round way: In the aspect of provisions formulation, a multi-field comprehensive action plan and an action plan for the seven special fields were developed. In the aspect of implementation, real power is focused, ten special reform programs were formulated to study and formulate an evaluation system for business environment in the service industry. In the aspect of whole area, each district formulates the promotion plan by comparing the standards and schedules, and the whole city has formed an overall three-dimensional promotion pattern. In optimizing the business environment of mine trade, the working mechanism of Beijing-Tianjin joint interaction was established for the cross-border trade indicators of the World Bank, and Beijing-Tianjin special interaction plan was jointly issued, and the work tasks were confirmed and coordinated advancement plans were basically implemented.


[On the afternoon of May 28, 2019 Beijing Headquarter Economy International Forum]