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Wang Guofeng

In recent years, China has vigorously changed its government functions, continued to promote the reform of streamlining administration, delegating more powers to lower-level governments and society, improving regulation and optimizing services, and made active efforts in optimizing the business environment, facilitating enterprise production, management, innovation and entrepreneurship, etc., and remarkable results have been achieved, which stimulated market vitality and social creativity.

Last year, the Three-year Plan for Further Optimizing the Business Environment was issued by the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, which further reduced the urban-level examination and approval services by more than 50%, accelerated the promotion of Internet + government services, continued to strengthen the rule of law environment, and established a sound social credit system, promoted reform with greater determination and greater efforts, and strove to create a business environment with the least approval, the optimized process, the highest efficiency, the best service, and the strongest sense of gain for enterprises and people! The headquarters economy is an important foundation of the capital economy. The headquarters enterprises are an important force in building the capital's highly sophisticated economic structure. Beijing Headquarters Enterprise Association actively plays the role as a social intermediary organization and builds a bridge for communication between the government and headquarters enterprises.


[On the afternoon of May 28, 2019 Beijing Headquarter Economy International Forum]