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Wei Kaihua

For the development of tourism investment enterprises, tourism has an inherent general law. The natural resources, traffic location, and population layout conditions vary among different areas, so the appropriateness and type of tourism services are different. We have 150 different tourism projects throughout China, so we should consider choosing a suitable product in combination with local cultural characteristics, including comprehensive transportation. After the location is relatively determined, it is more important to choose a team with feelings. Tourism is a market-oriented product that requires consumers to pay for it. If the previous research and planning rate and operation capacity are not strong, it will lead to waste of investment. Our investment layout must be in line with the government's choice of location resources to select the right products, and only the right products can develop in the future and survive. At the beginning of the planning and design of tourism products, it is necessary to introduce operations and operational-oriented thinking, and such products can be paid for in the future market.


[On the morning of May 29, 2019 World Tourism Cities Federation Investment & Financing Conference]