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Exchange Meeting and Awarding Ceremony for Service Demonstration Cases at the 2019 CIFTIS

On May 31, the service demonstration cases of the 2019 CIFTIS were officially announced. The selection of service demonstration cases was a special activity set up by the organizing committee to give full play to the demonstration and leading role of the fair, and encourage more service trade enterprises to realize innovation-driven development and expand their influence. The activity has received widespread attention from institutions and enterprises.


During the 2019 fair, the organizing committee expanded the selection scope and selected 100 cases for five awards: Chinese service practice cases, science and technology innovation service demonstration cases, business form innovation service demonstration cases, international strategic service demonstration cases and service with development potential demonstration cases. Among them, "Alipay Smart Business Circle Solutions" and another nine cases were selected as Chinese service practice cases. A total of 30 cases including the "AirNet Air Traffic Control Automation System" were selected as demonstration cases of science and technology innovation services. A total of 20 cases including "Phoenix TV Culture Link Company's New Business Form of Cultural Tourism 3.0" were selected as innovative service model cases. "StarTimes: Sharing the Beauty of Digital TV with Africa" and another 19 cases were selected as international strategic service model cases, and 20 cases including the "SF Express United Store Service" were selected as services with development potential.


At the awarding ceremony, representatives from the Second Research Institute of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Phoenix TV Culture Link, StarTimes, Xinjiang Goldwind Sci-tech Co. and other enterprises shared the highlights of the selected cases.