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Four Aspects to Build a "CIFTIS that Never Ends"

To polish the brand of the CIFTIS and promote international service trade cooperation, the fair's organizing committee will take measures in four aspects to build a "CIFTIS that never ends". First, we will promote the establishment of the Beijing International Trade in Services Alliance as soon as possible, and welcome the participation of domestic and foreign business associations, professional institutions and enterprises. Second, we will further improve the "Online CIFTIS" platform, enrich the online display, information disclosure, project release, interactive exchange and other service functions, and achieve perennial deal-making. Third, we will convene a meeting of the Global Trade in Services Vision Committee to discuss the development trend of international trade in services and study the overall design and plan of the next CIFTIS. Fourth, the fair's organizing institutions, alliance initiators and other relevant members will go to different provincial-level regions in China as well as the world's five continents to carry out extensive promotion, negotiation as well as exchanges and cooperation.


Under the new situation of profound development, transformation and adjustment in the world today, the strategic position of the service industry and service trade has become more prominent, and the sector has become a new momentum and engine to promote the global economic development. This requires that the international service trade industry conform to the trend of the times, find new ways of trade, integrate global resources and cooperate for win-win development.


To promote the international service trade development of higher quality by relying on the CIFTIS platform under new situations, the executive body of fair jointly initiated the non-governmental and non-profit Beijing International Trade in Services Alliance with renowned domestic and overseas business associations, multinational corporations, famous enterprises and professional organizations.


The organizing committee of the fair will actively promote exchanges and cooperation among business associations, professional institutions and enterprises in the field of international trade in services. It will work to accelerate innovation and development, strengthen resource sharing, and constantly explore new modes and forms of service industry. Efforts will also be made to gather consensus, make suggestions, and promote the formulation and optimization of standards and rules in the field of international trade in services. It will further promote the opening, innovation and integrated development of the service sector and trade in services.