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The highlight on the CIFTIS: Sino-German economic and trade cooperation

On September 7 (Beijing time), German Chancellor Angela Merkel wrapped up her two-day official visit to China. This is her 12th visit to China since she took the post of Chancellor of Germany in 2005. Such frequent visits to China have witnessed the closeness and importance of Sino-German relations. Merkel's visit to China has catalyzed a series of economic and trade cooperation achievements with China, which not only further enlarges the pie of Sino-German cooperation, but also injects new impetus into world economic growth.

The CIFTIS is an important platform for Sino-German trade in services. German enterprises have actively participated in the all previous CIFTIS, exchanging advanced service industry experience and technology with Chinese enterprises. StoryDrive is an important sector of the CIFTIS. Since the first CIFTIS in 2012, Frankfurter Buchmesse and Sino-German (Beijing) Consulting Services Co., Ltd. have successfully held the StroryDrive for six times, where global opinion leaders in the fields of literary, publishing, film and television, design, and mass media brought the advanced concepts and successful cases of the international content industry to China, meanwhile China also demonstrated the world an excellent content industry. During the StoryDrive exhibition and conference of the 2019 CIFTIS, a German publishing delegation composed of eight senior executives participated in the conference and exhibition, and conducted a week-long business visit and negotiation during the CIFTIS.