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Joining in the First World 5G Assembly in Yizhuang of Beijing next month to sense the most cutting-edge technologies

News from Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area that the First World 5G Assembly will be held in Yizhuang, Beijing from November 20 to 23 was released on October 12. On the occasion, the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs from the field of global information communication will gather here to discuss and explore the development of 5G industry.

Themed by "5G Changes the World, 5G Creates the Future" and featured by "Internationalization, High-end Orientation, Specialization", this assembly is composed of conferences and forums, exhibitions and application announcement contests, which aims to create a high-quality platform of globally top 5G industry cooperation and resource integration for the most state-of-the-art new technologies, new products and new applications in the form of conference, exhibition and contest to propel 5G technology innovation, industry development and application scenario transformation, expedite 5G collaborative innovation across the world and promote the industry maturity.

According to the relevant responsible person of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Beijing will, according to the Beijing 5G Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022), accelerate the construction of network layout, build a high-end and high-tech 5G industry system, and promote the all-round upgrading of the new generation of information technology industry in the capital. In response to the needs for the five major projects and activities of sub-center of Beijing, Beijing Daxing International Airport, International Horticultural Exposition 2019 Beijing, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, upgrading along Chang An Avenue, Beijing will carry out the demonstration application of five typical scenarios including 5G smart traffic, health care, industrial Internet, smart city and ultra-high-definition video to cultivate a batch of new forms of 5G industry.