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Overseas Guests

Christian Kern

In China, we have good grounds to feel proud of the Belt and Road Initiative. We also know that lots of different viewpoints do exist. For the Belt and Road and the industrialization of China, of course, there are different voices in the world, but I think the real fact is that China is the only great power in the world with such an international perspective and big picture. Looking at the Belt and Road Initiative, China can be said to be a mirror in a sense. We can see from the mirror the problems and shortcomings of today's European strategy. China is also a mirror for us Europeans to learn from. In the meantime, if we look at the strategic framework and strategic development plan, as well as the rise of populism, we can see that there are actually various problems facing us around the world. But we also know that there are huge opportunities ahead of us, which can be said to be a door of opportunity for China and Europe to get closer and learn from each other.


      [On the morning of May 29, 2019 China E-Commerce Convention Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum]