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The Digital Publishing Innovation Forum was held by the CIFTIS,The National Press and Publication Administration selected and recommended high-quality digital publications

In order to implement the deployment of the central government on the development of media convergence, guide publishers to launch more excellent digital publishing products and services, promote the deep integration of publishing and technology, and realize the high-quality development of the publishing industry, the National Press and Publication Administration organized the first selection and recommendation activity of high-quality digital publications, and recently published 95 shortlisted high-quality projects. It is reported that this is the first time for the National Press and Publication Administration to organize the overall selection and recommendation of digital publishing products and services. 

The shortlisted projects are selected from 517 projects declared by 375 publishers and cultural enterprises and public institutions nationwide, which fall into five categories: theme, mass, specialty, education and children, including audiobooks, listening projects, omnimedia mass reading platform, diversified animation works in the form of virtual reality, audio and video, online database and knowledge base providing professional services with semantic analysis and cloud computing technology, and digital education publishing product system constructed with AI and big data technologies. These projects are featured by diverse categories, high-quality content and innovation, reflecting the fruitful achievements of publishers in actively adapting to the mass reading needs in the era of omnimedia and actively transforming and expanding new businesses. 

The new digital application technology brings new growth driver to the traditional industry of China. Digital publishing is an important economic support and emerging consumer market for publishing in the future. How to apply science and technology and emerging channels to create a mature business model through multi-industry convergence and achieve new development has become one of the most concerned focuses of the publishing industry. During the 2019 CIFTIS, the "2019 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum" was specially held, with the theme of "Digital Inheritance and High-quality Development Leading the Future", to comprehensively display the latest achievements in China's digital publishing industry, promote the whole industry chain solution of the digital publishing economy, and explore emerging business model in transformation and upgrading.