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CIFTIS Organized Interview for Enterprises to Share Stories about the Fair

Seeing over 10,200 attendees by exhibitors and 1.06 million visiting traders, the CIFTIS reached an accumulated intended transaction amount of 529.33 billion US dollars in 2019.


The next CIFTIS will be held from May 25 to June 1 in 2020, and will cover 10 innovative sectors including technological services, culture trade, financing services, health services and e-commerce.


On Nov 12, five enterprises designated as “service demonstration cases” at the CIFTIS in 2019 gave an interview in which they shared their stories about the fair.


See how they did this year and their vision for 2020.




Cai Yongping, vice-general manager of Beijing GreenTech Environmental Engineering Co. Ltd., an environmental engineering enterprise, explained the working mechanisms and the promising future of intelligent organic solid waste treatment equipment. [Photo/ provided by CIFTIS]


According to Cai, this equipment caters to the needs of sectors related to water, livestock and poultry, garbage treatment, fertilizer and food.


He appreciated CIFTIS’s great support for product promotion and enterprise publicity. 





Yeebee, a Beijing-based business-to-business platform, held the 1st national enterprise service summit at the CIFTIS in 2019 where opinions on a digitalized future for garment trade enterprises were shared, said Richard Liu, the company’s senior vice-president. [Photo/ provided by CIFTIS]


The platform provides full life-cycle services for small and medium-sized enterprises and was named a “demonstration case of business innovation”.


By 2020, featured industrial bases will have been built in 22 Chinese cities, bringing 300,000 job opportunities, noted Liu.





Aric Dai, COO of Orange CDS, an industrial product collaborative design services provider, said that a dozen 10-million yuan projects were signed during the CIFTIS this year. [Photo/ provided by CIFTIS]


This is the first time the company has participated in the CIFTIS. Dai said that the enterprise looks forward to more chances to show Chinese enterprises’ advantages and capacities in industrial design and intelligent manufacturing and to providing services for both domestic clients and companies around the world.





Xiong Zhiyuan, president and general-manager of Huayun Culture, a culture + technology enterprise committed to protection and promotion of China’s audio cultural heritage, said he hopes that more traditional culture projects can be shown at the 2020 CIFTIS. [Photo/ provided by CIFTIS]


The company’s next efforts will focus on building an integrated business circle of audio heritage protection and inheritance.





Beijing Symbio’s Smart Auto 2.0 (Elysian) product was designated a “demonstration case of technology innovation service” at the CIFTIS in 2019, said Zhou Baoguo, COO of the company, an IT and digital service provider. [Photo/ provided by CIFTIS] 


Thanks to the opening atmosphere of the CIFTIS platform, this foreign-invested company benefits from growing preferential policies and wider access in trade and investment, said Zhou.