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Overseas Guests

Helmuts Kols

representative of the Secretariat for Logistics Cooperation between China-Central and Eastern European Countries 16+1


As for the development relationship between China and Latvia, President Xi Jinping has specifically pointed out that China and Latvia have continuously strengthened cooperation in the field of transportation, logistics and infrastructure, and strengthened the integrative development between China and Europe. Premier Li Keqiang also said that China will support Latvia's continuous promotion of infrastructure cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, to enhance mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and promote the development of logistics, so as to continuously solidify cooperation between China and the tertiary market and Europe. We will continue to work closely with China and other countries. We are looking forward to the bright prospect of cooperation between China and Latvia.

    [The whole day of May 29, 2019, China (Beijing) Eurasian International Logistics Cooperation Forum]