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Experts & Officials

Chen Yanbao

Director-General of Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce


With the help of this special theme promotion event held by the 2019 CIFTIS, an international trade in services platform, Hebei Province aims to deeply implement the national strategies of coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Healthy China, and accelerate the all-round development of Beidaihe Life Health Industrial Innovation Area. Health Commission of Hebei Province attaches great importance to the development of life and health industry, prioritizes the development of key trade in services industries such as life and health as an important measure to further expand the opening up, and issues implementation opinions to advance the development of the whole TCM industry chain. It will organize key enterprises to apply for the national export base of TCM services, propel the going global of TCM, highlight core technologies, frontier fields and advantaged industries, systematically promote the development of life and health industry, actively introduce strategic investors and high-end technical talents, and cultivate and establish a life and health service industry system with rich connotation and reasonable structure covering the life cycle to promote high-quality economic development.

     [On the afternoon of May 28, Beidaihe New District Life and Health Industry Promotion Conference]