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The CIFTIS fuels the clean energy project exchange and cooperation

Promoting the development of clean energy industry and technology application is also the focus of all previous sessions of CIFTIS. The 2019 CIFTIS was held in Beijing from May 28 to June 1, during which the "Green Economy Prosperity Forum 2019" specially organized "Special Conference on New Energy Cooperation - New Technology, New Product, New Model Cooperation Press Conference", "GBO Global Global Green Business Opportunity Forum" and other activities, to build a platform for the promotion of technology and product cooperation in the field of new energy.

Sha Zukang, former Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Honorary President of International Green Economy Association (IGEA) and Chairman of Green Economy Prosperity Forum 2019, said that green development has two implications: the first is that economic growth should be green; the second is to achieve high-quality economic growth through the development of green industry. In order to achieve high-quality economic growth through the development of green industry, green elements themselves need to be economic and sustainable. To this end, China have policies, mechanisms and technologies, yet we lack the action to implement, to coordinate and to promote.

Sha Zukang said that we are in a period of superposition of green economy and high-quality development of green industry. We should not only fight against pollution, but also achieve high-quality economic growth through developing and upgrading green industry. Enterprises are the behavior subjects to realize these two arduous tasks, while scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation and international cooperation are the key. Specifically speaking, it is necessary to run "green" through the concept of economic development, development mode, industrial structure, benefit evaluation and other aspects and links.