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Display and Exhibition Plan of 2020 CIFTIS

Display the fields with advantages and characteristics, and gather new achievements in the development of trade in services

1. Comprehensive Exhibition

It will be located in the China National Convention Center of the main venue, with China exhibition area, international exhibition area and frontier achievements exhibition area, which will highlight the application of the latest technologies and the most advanced methods such as "5G+8K" for exhibition and display.

China Exhibition Area

It will highlight development achievements of China's service sector and trade in services and innovative development pilot results of trade in services. Set up the guest of honor province (theme province) exhibition area.

International Exhibition Area

Set international organization exhibitions and overseas national and regional exhibitions. The international organization exhibitions will invite relevant international organizations to set up exhibition areas; Overseas national and regional exhibitions will focus on inviting countries and regions that have signed cooperation documents on jointly building the "Belt And Road" with China, top 35 countries and regions in service trade and countries that have signed memorandum of cooperation in trade in services with China to set up exhibition areas, and highlight the display of enterprises with characteristics and advantages in the field of service in foreign countries and regions. Set up the guest country of honor (theme country) exhibition area.

Frontier Achievements Exhibition Area

With 5G application exhibition and artificial intelligence exhibition, it will invite the world's top 500, multinational companies and industry leading enterprises to participate in exhibitions, and highlight the application of the latest methods such as "5G+8K" to display new modes, new forms and the latest application results of digital technology and artificial intelligence in science and technology and Internet services, health care, business services, smart home, smart city and other service fields.

2. Professional Exhibition

China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Pavilion) Exhibition Area

Set up the health services exhibition, e-commerce exhibition, sports services exhibition, environmental services exhibition, business services exhibition, technology services exhibition and other services exhibition.

China International Exhibition Center (Jing'an Zhuang) Exhibition Area

Set up cultural trade exhibition.

National agricultural exhibition center exhibition area

Set up the old brand and food and beverage exhibition.

Beijing exhibition center exhibition area

Set up the financial services exhibition.

Hold tourism services exhibition (related content of the former Beijing International Tourism Expo); Hold auction services exhibition at the Guardian Auction Center.