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Forum and Conference draft plan of 2020 CIFTIS

It will focus on the forefront of industry development and discuss the new trend of development of trade in services

Global Summit of Trade in Services and Parallel Sub-forum

Organized by the Global Trade in Services Vision Committee, relevant international organizations and organizing committees, the summit on "trade in services: new trends and new momentum" will be held, and three parallel sub-forums will be held on the theme of "trade in services: new trend of opening up and development", "digital trade: rules, standards and markets" and "facilitation of trade in services: from the perspective of transnational corporations".

Authoritative Brand Forum

Nearly 10 brand international forums will be held, where the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development will be invited to hold the "Belt and Road" International Trade in Services Cooperation Forum, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to hold the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Theme Day, the World Trade Point Federation to hold the International Creative Economy Forum, the World Tourism Cities Federation to hold the World Tourism Investment and Financing Forum, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (or the World Food Programme and other international organizations) to hold the Modern Grain Supply Chain Development Forum.

More than 10 brand industry conferences will be held, including China E-commerce Conference, China Smart and Healthy Development Conference, Chinese Medicine Service Development Conference, Financial Street Forum, etc.

Focusing on international cooperation in trade in services, service mode innovation and cultivation of new competitive advantages, discussions will be conducted, industry policies will be interpreted, policy white papers, industry standards, development indicators, development reports and other authoritative information will be released, industry development vanes will be created, and international, professional and high-end authoritative brand forums will be cultivated.