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Experts & Officials

Peng Yun

Director of Beidaihe New District Management Committee, Qinhuangdao


        In the long name of "BDH Life Science &Health Care Innovation Demonstration Zone", there are three keywords: Life Science & Health Care indicates that the industry of life-cycle health is leading in regional development. Innovation and demonstration imply that the entire area plays a leading role in innovation, leadership, and demonstration of the health industry in China.

In regional development, there are three regions in the Area that have a layout in accordance with the principle of "one nuclear and five zones": the Old Beidaihe District, Airport Construction Park and Beidaihe New District, covering 520 square kilometers in total. There are seven functional sections, involving comprehensive medical, incubation innovation, international health, anti-aging beauty, wellness life and international conferences. The core part of the central area serves as the core area of the innovation demonstration of Life Science & Health Care, to create a Life Science & Health Care and a health care and tourism industry with medical and health as the main part.

    [On the afternoon of May 28, Beidaihe New District Life Science & Health Care Promotion Conference]