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Yang Xuegong

Director of Qinhuangdao Development and Reform Commission


The construction of a state regional medical center is a major step to implement the Healthy China Strategy, and also a pragmatic move to tackle the current structural contradiction in the supply side of medical resources, and to support the nonlocal medical treatment, especially the trans-regional medical treatment. As planned by the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Health Commission have taken the lead in selecting domestic first-class and internationally leading hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to build regional medical centers together with regional hospitals, mainly responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and critically ill patients in the regions, as well as demonstration and promotion. Such centers can cultivate clinical technical backbones and disciplinary leaders for the regions, and meet the local needs for high-level accessible medical resources.

        [On the afternoon of May 28, Beidaihe New District Life Science & Health Care Promotion Conference]