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Overseas Guests

Christian Kern

former Chancellor of Austria


Before 2000, China's influence in the world has been unprecedented since the reign of the First Emperor of Qin. We believe that it is wrong to restrain China in an opposite way, both for China and all other countries. We know that frictions between traders undermines economy. We have seen some signs of this in the first and second quarters of this year and last year. We know that the trade frictions or trader disputes cannot solve the real problem. For the European Union, China is more important than the United States. We know that the EU is also a large market for China. At the same time, we must continue to promote data sharing, which matters a lot for our long-term stability. For any talk about the future, the cooperation model and mutual-benefit model is definitely our top guiding principle. Europe and China will be more prosperous through closer cooperation. Further and continued agreements in trade have been signed between Europe and China.

        [On the morning of May 29, 2019 China E-Commerce Convention Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum]