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Overseas Guests

Bram Van Diepen

Former Senior Designer for Men's Wear in LV


As far as I'm concerned, the first perspective of opportunities in the Chinese market is the existing international brands. First, what shall national brands with some achievements do? There is a huge market in China where the demand for luxury continues to grow. In fact, China has the ability to become the most competitive market in the world. Since the consumers in China are at the forefront of fashion, many established fashion brands with certain achievements can enter China where they can get more exposure despite the high requirement on quality in China. It's very important to let our consumers see your cultural positioning. A great change has taken place among our consumers. No brand can make progress without any change.

Today, the market in China is developing so quickly. Therefore, we need to accumulate here year after year, master expertise in technique and design, which means a lot when embracing the market in China. In addition, we shall have the craftsmanship spirit as a symbol of high-quality products.

[China International Fashion Summit Forumall day on May 30, 2019]